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Tooth Whitening

Very few people have naturally white teeth and they become more discolored with age. Teeth may also be stained on the surface through the consumption of coloured substances such as coffee, tea, cola, tobacco and red wine. Deeper staining can also occur due to the consumption during tooth formation of certain antibiotics and fluoride. More people than ever are now choosing to whiten their teeth.

We have three treatment options to suit your needs:


Home Whitening Kit £295


Zoom In Surgery £385


Zoom whitening plus home maintenance trays* £493

* Zoom whitening, followed by tray maintenance at home is our most popular option and gives the whitest and longest-lasting result, in the shortest space of time.


In-Surgery Whitening

Our most popular whitening treatment. Using the latest whitening system called ZOOM!® Advanced Power this is the quickest and easiest way to whiten your teeth. The single visit procedure takes about 90 minutes and is ideal if you wish to avoid the fuss of doing things yourself at home. This simple and painless procedure begins with a short preparation to isolate the lips and gums, followed by the application of a gel solution to the teeth which is then activated by a specially designed light. At the end of the appointment we will give you post-treatment instructions and you leave the practice with teeth several shades lighter. You may have before and after photographs of your teeth taken during this appointment.



Home Whitening

Alternatively you may prefer for your teeth to be whitened more conservatively. In this case, we will make you customised bleaching trays, specifically designed to hold bleaching gel against just your teeth. You will then be asked to place a bleaching gel, carefully selected for you, in the trays and wear these for 1 to 2 weeks to achieve the same results. This process is cheaper and also more controlled but obviously involves a commitment to actually wearing the trays. We will however monitor the effects during the treatment and advise you as necessary.


At Vicars Cross Dental we use 2 types of bleaching agents:


Nite White - this is for those people who like the convenience of whitening while they sleep (minimum of 4-6 hours). Optimal results are usually achieved within 1 week. The active bleaching agent we use for this is 16% carbamide peroxide.


Day White – this is for patients who like to whiten for a shorter period of time during the day. Wear time is 1 hour daily or 30 minutes twice a day. Optimal results are usually achieved within 2 weeks and the active bleaching agent is 6% hydrogen peroxide.

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